How to Choose Summer Dresses For Your Body Type

Finding a summer dress comes rather easy. Finding a piece that is feminine, pretty, sexy or edgy and flattering at the same time can be quite a challenge. No matter what you are looking for, be it a classic or a more fashion-forward silhouette, it is paramount to consider styles that do not obscure the beautiful shape you have. There are styles that look great on all figures while others fall more gracefully on particular physiques. Now, if you are not sure where to start and which type of summer dress best complements your body, we give you a handy guide that you could look into.

1. Go for Florals

One of the biggest fashion misconceptions is that prints are unflattering and can only be worn by specific body types and shapes. This is a huge myth that has been busted. In fact, prints (especially digital floral prints that give the appearance a fresh look) and patterns can not only look fab but even help minimize problem areas too. It all depends on the design of the dress. For example, a multi-coloured floral design with contrasting shades of bright, summery shades, such as turquoise, purple, and candy pink can complement a curvy body rather than highlight any pain point

Best Dress Style Ideas Per Body Type

1. Tall Figures

Retro-inspired dresses look amazing on tall ladies, especially if the dress features a just-above-the-knee hemline that keeps the figure from looking ungraceful and lanky. Plus, if you have impressive legs, this type of dress will help show them off the best way ever (see 6-foot Taylor Swift, for example).

2. Petite Frames

Petite forms can be greatly flattered by a dress with a mid-thigh hemline. Ethereal chiffon print designs also flatter beautiful women with a smaller physique.

3. Pear-Shaped

A print dress with a tulip skirt that glides over the hips is an excellent option for pear-shaped figures. Opting for dresses with a loose, flowy skirt is a great idea if you want to hide a little extra volume in the hips while looking ultra feminine. However, if you want the master of illusion in your armory, then get a twofer dress. And, to distract the eyes from the bottom area, choose a top with a pop of colour, and preferably sheer fabric, and a bottom in darker shades to make sure all attention is drawn up. The same applies to dresses fitted at the waist that fall more voluminous down to the hem. Drapery asymmetrical styles, as well as fit-and-flare dresses and pleated skirts (stitched down), are also matches made in heaven.